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Diet Plan for Lactation

UnitedHealthcare’s Healthy Pregnancy Program
                 Diet Plan for Lactation

Name: Ulagi Priyanka


Lactation- Breast - feeding the baby is the pillar of a healthy & emotionally stable baby.
Ideally from the time of birth, upto 6 months, the baby should be exclusively breast fed.
No top-feeds, even water is not advised to be given externally. It has to be only Breast-milk.
It has a lot of health benefits for the mother, as well as the baby. It helps mother not only the mother to get back in the shape delivery but also supports the baby with good immune system.
Galactogogues-in simple words, -are the foods that help increase the supply of breast milk.
The diet given , is a simple guide line to achieve the right nutrition and mineral balance in the post￾partum stage . It is full of the rich galactogogues ,to help achieve a sufficient supply of breast-milk for
the baby.

Do Keep In Mind:
 Remember to replenish yourself well with fluids,-in this period. Especially after you breast feed
the baby.
 Include Fluids like, Coconut water, Buttermilk, Soups, Broths, Soya-milk ,thin Dal Soups etc.
 Include Cereals like, Bajra, Ragi , Broken wheat as these are a power-house of Nutrients & Fibre.
 Jaggery is very Rich source of Iron and other vital minerals, try replacing it with sugar.
 Cow’s Milk Ghee(Clarified Butter)-include at least 3 tsp in your diet daily. The Vit A, And the
essential Fats in it, help recover the mother as well and are essentials for the brain development
of the new-born.
 Green leafy vegetables are full of iron, folic acid and many other nutrients ,include them in
plenty .
 Include Oilseeds like flax seeds, Black til/while til (seasame seeds),Khus-khus (poppy seeds) etc
in your diet.
 Also Fennel Seeds(Saunf),Ajwain(Bishops Seeds) having the mixture of this after all the meals,
would not only have breast-milk enhancing effect but would also help reduce all the Gastro￾intestinal discomfort.
 Fruit should always be consumed as a meal,-by itself. Always prefer a fruit over fruit-juice.
 Methi is a very potent galactogouge . Dried Coconut and Gondh (dried Gondh) are nutrient
,dense , and should be included in the diet.(ideal would be a Laddu made with all these three
ingredients put together ).
 Egg has exceptional healing properties, would be a wonderful meal if consumed in itself, with
the Yolk(unless cholesterol level are high).
 Include, Dried-ginger powder, Kesar Strands, turmeric powder in milk. Adding these would
enhance the Nutritive quality of the milk and add-on to the antiseptic properties.

                ~~~Happy Parenting~~~
Thank You

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